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Getting Started

1Can I use other documents to verify my right to work?
Of course. If you do not currently hold a valid EU/UK passport you can use either your EU citizen card or your UK birth certificate accompanied by official documentation showing your national insurance number (a recent payslip or P45 will do the trick).
2Why do I need my passport to start working?
We need your passport to carry out checks to ensure you hold the right to work in the UK. All you have to do is upload a picture of your passport to the picker app and we'll take care of the rest. We'll notify you once these checks have been carried out and your account has been verified.


1What does it mean if I'm in a hirer's team?
This means you've done a great job. Once you've worked with a hirer, they have the option to add you to their team. Being in a hirer's team means you will be able to automatically accept work the next time they post. You basically get first dibs!
2Can I chat to the hirer before my shift?
Before you apply for work, you won't be able to chat with the hirer. If you are accepted onto a shift or stint, however, you will gain access to a group chat with the other workers. Make sure to say a friendly hello!
3How do ratings work?
You'll get one for each shift or stint you complete. They're given to you by the hirer you worked with, and are out of 3 stars. This is what they mean:

✭✭✭ Great work! The hirer really wants you back.

✭✭ Great. No complaints. They're happy to see you again.

✭ Nothing personal, you just weren't a great fit for them.
4What is my reliability rating?
Your reliability rating will change according to your behaviour on picker. When you start on picker, your reliability is 'Good'. As you work more shifts and stints, it will improve, unless you cancel late or no show (that's not great).


1How does pay work?
You will be paid via PAYE. This means all of your tax will be paid at the source of your income.
2How do I get paid?
You will be paid directly into a bank account of your choice. Just update your payments information in your account. You can do this by tapping on the small cog in the left hand corner from your home screen. Make sure these details are filled in, otherwise we won't be able to pay you.

Super simple.
3Why do you need my passport to get paid?
We need your passport to carry out checks to ensure you hold the right to work in the UK. Without completing these checks you legally cannot work or get paid through picker.
4Why have I been taxed?
We all make mistakes and that's no different for HMRC. Just give them a quick call with your NI and the tax code from your most recent payslip and they will make any required changes.

If a rebate is due it will be added to your next payslip.

5How do I know if I'm receiving a pension?
You can easily find all your pension information in the magical place that is your Paycircle account. Log in here.

You should also head to the portal if you need to update your pension contributions.
6Where do I find my Payslip?
No chance of loosing your payslip down the back off the sofa – everything is online.

You can find your monthly payslips and other information regarding pay in your Paycircle account. Log in here.
7What is Paycircle?
The great team at Paycircle help us manage everyone's PAYE. They also keep track of your previous earnings and payslips, so you can easily access an overview anytime you need to.

You can log in to your Paycircle account here.
8How does tax on limber work?
Payroll at picker is run on a PAYE (pay as you earn) basis. This means that tax and national insurance contributions are calculated and deducted from your pay according to how much you earn in a given week.
9Can I use other documents to verify my right to work?
Of course. If you do not currently hold a valid EU/UK passport you can use either your EU citizen card or your UK birth certificate accompanied by official documentation showing your national insurance number (a recent payslip or P45 will do the trick).

Upload your documents by heading to home > profile > verify your identity > I don't have a UK/EU passport.
10I think I've been underpaid, what should I do?
If you've received your pay but it's less than you expected, then the first thing to do is to check your payslip. You can check your payslip by logging into your Paycircle portal. Often, discrepancies in pay are due to tax or National Insurance contributions, which will be detailed in the breakdown on your payslip.
11I'm a student, do I still need to pay tax?
Even if you are a student, you are still assessed for tax purposes according to how much money you make. If you're earning above the threshold for paying tax whilst at uni it will be deducted from your pay. For more info take a look at this government web page here.
12I think I've been incorrectly taxed, what should I do?
No need to panic! If you think you've been taxed incorrectly give HMRC a quick call and make sure you have your current tax code handy. If your code is wrong, HMRC will update your code and this will automatically be updated in our system and incorrect tax will them be rebated to you in your next payslip.
13My timesheet hasn't been closed out, what should I do?
Don't worry! Some hirers are busy and have to wait to get the feedback from the supervisor or manager you worked with. If your timesheet is still not closed by the following Tuesday after your shift it will automatically closed. This is to make sure that everyone gets paid on the correct date.

Cancellations and No Shows

1What happens if I miss a shift or stint?
Not turning up to a shift is serious. If you apply for a shift or stint and are hired, you are expected to turn up and work. If a hirer reports you as absent, you will get a 'no show' added to your profile, and your reliability rating will go down significantly. picker reserves the right to suspend workers who no show at any time.
2What happens if I cancel late?
If you cancel late (within 72 hours the start of a shift), your reliability rating will go down, this means you may struggle to get accepted onto future shifts. Late cancellations are taken very seriously, and should only happen in exceptional and unavoidable circumstances.


1Whats the difference between stints and shifts?
Stints are longer periods of work on picker - usually without defined shift patterns. Shifts are individual time slots, which either come in single shifts or groups (usually no more than 5 at a time).
2How do I apply for work?
Head over to the 'Explore' section of the app and browse the available shifts and stints. You can tap on any work you'd like to know more about – this will take you into the description. Here, you'll see an 'Apply' button in the grey action bar at the top of the screen.
3What happens after I've applied?
Your application will go to the hirer for review. It will stay open until the expiry deadline you set when you applied. If you are not hired during this time, your application will expire.
4What should I take to my first shift or stint?
Usually just yourself! But it's always worth double checking the description and uniform requirements to see if you need anything specific!. Other than that, arrive on time and enjoy!
5What should I do once I've been hired?
Congrats! Send a quick message to the hirer to introduce yourself and let them know that you're excited to work. You can also take this opportunity to ask about accommodation and travel requirements and anything else you're unsure about!
6How do I submit my timesheet?
To find your timesheet, head to 'My shifts' and open the relevant piece of work, here you'll see a link to your timesheet in the grey action bar at the top of the page. For shifts, you have 24 hours after the end of the shift to submit your timesheet. For stints, you'll need to do that each week. If you do not submit a timesheet in time, it will be submitted automatically, and the times you worked will default to the times stated on the original posting.
7Is it possible to double-book myself?
Don't sweat it! You cannot be hired onto more than one piece of work with overlapping times. If you've apply for conflicting work when you're hired onto a stint or shift, your applications for the others will automatically be withdrawn. So you can never be down to work two shifts at the same time.
8Why does my application expire?
We allow you to set your application deadline to give you more control over your application and allow you to plan ahead. Your application will remain open until either the deadline is reached, or the hirer makes a decision about who to hire.
9What happens if I can no longer attend?
You'll need to cancel through the app, as well as letting the hirer know. You'll be prompted to leave a message for the hirer as you go through the process of cancelling in-app, so this is the ideal place to get in touch.
10How do I withdraw and application?
If you've applied for work you no longer want to do, and your application is still live, then you'll need to withdraw your application. To withdraw your application, head to 'Home' in the app, look under pending, tap onto the shift or stint, and tap 'withdraw' in the grey action bar at the top of the screen.
11How do I cancel a shift?
Open the app menu, go to 'My shifts' and select the shift or stint you want to cancel, then tap the 'cancel' button. You can give your reason for cancelling and leave a message for the hirer here.

Leaving the platform

1Where can I find my P45?
To view your P45 head to your paycirlce portal. If you wish to stop working through the platfrom, drop us a message at and request your P45 to be sent to you. You'll recieve it the next time we run payroll.
2How do I delete my account?
We're sorry to see you go! Get in contact with us below and we'll sort it for you. Just so you know, if you've worked a shift we're required to retain certain information due to employment law.

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